Professional Learning Workshop: Using Wikispaces in the Classroom

Instructor: Lori Oren

Course Description:

Wikipedia is the most famous "wiki." Today, more and more educators are taking advantage of the collaborative potential of wikis. This course will introduce participants to wikis, along with the possibilities the wiki has for classroom use. Participants will learn how to set-up a wiki account, how to edit, add pages, and manage a wiki.


Participants will be able to:
  • identify the concepts and components of a wiki in order to distinguish it from other applications
  • demonstrate the use and relevance of a wiki in order to apply the technology successfully
  • construct, edit and manage a wiki for classroom use


Tentative Agenda
5 minutes
Pre training
You Tube video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY
25 minutes
Overview of excellent examples and use
20 minutes
Sign up/startup
Opening an account
30 minutes
Manage wiki
Settings:look & feelLogoThemes & colorsWiki permissions
45 minutes
WYSIWYG:Bold/italics/underlineFont/text formatBullet/numbered listInsert horizontal lineInsert link: wikilink/ external linkInsert images/files
20 minutes
Assigned task with rubric
Task is presented for participants
120 minutes
Participants work with the program in pairs with instructor providing assistance where needed
35 minutes
Peers review and give comments to each other and another pair, post on the discussion page of the wiki & make revisions.

In-Class Assignment
To get your wiki feet wet, we'll all contribute a page to this wiki. Name your page your name, and use it to introduce yourself to the group
Out-of-Class Assignment
Full-time Faculty and full-time Classified Staff must complete an out-of-class assignment in order to receive full credit for this workshop. If you have any questions regarding the assignment, contact your instructor as soon as possible.

  • How will you include Mayer’s principle of active processing in your authentic assessment activity? What kind of product will your participants create to demonstrate their learning using multimedia technology? The participants will be creating their own wiki as as assessment activity, this is both a product which they will apply understanding of wikispaces to their own needs in the classroom. The bulk of time during the class is spent in active processing and participation.
  • What kind of multimedia presentation must you create to effectively present key concepts and skills to your participants (video, PowerPoint, podcast, screencast, interactive tutorial, or other)? How will you include Mayer’s principles of dual coding and limited capacity in your presentation? My multimedia presentation will consist in a video with screen cast, and tutorial, including narrative from the instructor. By supporting the video elements with instructor narratives, I will include elements of Mayer's principles of dual coding and limited capacity.
  • What kind of graphic organizer would be best to give your participants to help facilitate learning in your workshop? The agenda will support learners who are accustomed to a learning environment. The expanded agenda provides both a time allotment, as well as the content which will be covered by participants.
  • What concepts in your presentation will require pre-training before you begin the workshop? How will you use multimedia to engage your learners during the pre-training phase? The presentation is designed for teachers who have neither used a wiki, and probably have no idea what one is. The pre-training provides an idea of what the purpose of a wiki is, and may provide insight to its use in the classroom. Participants will be allowed to identify “cool things to include” in their own wiki based on examples of excellent wikis provided to them during the pre-training.
  • What equipment will you need to conduct your workshop (projector, laptops for each pair of participants, Internet connections, other)? The equipment necessary for the workshop is an individual computer/laptop for each participant, with internet connection for each, as well as laptop with projector and screen for the presenter.
  • What online applications might you use? The online applications that will be used include, of course, wikispaces, and also You Tube.
  • How will your participants collaborate on their projects? How will you group them to create authentic assessment in your workshop? The participants will work on their own, as well as in pairs. Each pair will work to support each other’s learning, including application of given concepts. Then each pair will collaborate to provide feedback and recommendations to another pair to improve the work product.