Prezi is useful as a multimedia presentation tool, or a mindmap activity. It is non-linear, unlike PPT, so that students of any age, or in any content area can use it to express themselves. Note the ease of navigating the screen, as well! It is so easy to use, yet the end results are attractive, allowing for greater creativity than many presentation tools! Although this presentation utilizes narration, and audio, Prezi is primarily a visual or graphic representation to be used with personal narration.

Publishing a prezi results in a file format which one cannot easily embed in other medium, however. Prezi has its own site to "house" completed projects. This video was created using a screencapture program (Camtasia Studio) running the Prezi on a laptop computer. There is also a desktop program available, however, a presentation created on the desktop cannot be saved online. The desktop progam is great if one intends to view the presentations or project them from the computer it was created on.

My presenation (without the video) can be viewed at at the following address:

Presentation on You Tube: