In-class Assignment: Create a new page in this wiki:
1. Click the New Page box at the top left of the wiki.
2. Name a page: "My Page- (your name)." Mine would be "My Page- L. Oren."
3. Click "Create."
4. Use this page to Introduce yourself to the group. Experiment with text color, background color, numbering/bullets, links, or images.

See Rubric for requirements.

Out of class Assignment wikispaces.logo.png

Full-time Faculty and full-time Classified Staff must complete an out-of-class assignment in order to receive full credit for this workshop.

As a summative project for this workshop, each participant will create a classroom wiki using the skills learned in the course. Working in groups to support one another's learning, participants should complete his or her own wiki. The wiki should include a minimum of four pages, and include uploaded images, files, video, text, and provide for authentic collaboration among wiki members. Each participant may spend time outside of class to complete the assignment. Participants are required to invite the instructor to view the wiki electronically ( The completed wiki is due no later than 3/14/2011. Professional Learning Credit for the course can only be offered once the wiki is submitted.

See Rubric for requirements.