In order to better understand wikis, please view the introductory video.


View "best" examples:

Identify important elements of wikis. Note the organization of each. Note, also, the manner in which content is presented.

winner of best educational wiki 2010:
second place educational wiki 2010:

Respond to the wikis you have seen by contributing to a collaborative list of uses for wikis in the classroom.

By contributing in this way, participants develop active learning, thus engaging in deeper understanding (Mayer,2009).

Create an account in wikispaces:

Wikispaces provides free, ad-free wikis to educators. Go to Be sure to go to the BOTTOM of the page to ensure you receive the FREE version for educators. Name your classroom wiki and verify that it will be used for educational purposes.



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Mayer, R.L. (2009) Multimedia Learning, Second Edition. Cambridge Press, New York, NY.